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What To Consider When Adopting A Dog

What To Consider When Adopting A Dog

To adopt a dog is an enormous commitment. Many people purchase puppies and then they realize that they need to be potty trained, they can be destructive, and they need to be walked several times a day. Puppies can be horrible holiday gifts for new dog owners because many people are unaware of the responsibility and work they dna test

Many puppies go off to the pound because the puppy had an accident and the owners had no time to take the dog out and to provide the attention puppies need. Puppies are not well-developed so it is difficult for me to see any gross abnormalities. I have always met and interacted with the dogs for at least 15 minutes. Under the circumstances of being in an adoption situation, a dog could be more nervous than he would be once established in a forever home. Getting a clear read could be difficult, but sometimes you can get a bit of a gist of how you might get along with a dog by spending a little time with him.

Dogs are frequently surrendered for shocking reasons. People think that dogs who are up for adoption are headaches that other people wanted to get rid of. That couldn’t be further than the truth. Here are my suggestions before you acquire a dog:

When you first meet a dog kneel down or squat, hold out your hand (with palm up), and call the dog using a gentle, kind voice to invite the dog to interact. How does the dog respond to you (fearful, aggressive, playful, affectionate… )? Observe the dog’s energy level. This is tricky because under the circumstances the dog might (understandably) be hyper or excited). Does everybody’s energy work well together? Does everybody get along? I would see how … Read More . . .